St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School

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Year 6 Rise to the Challenge

This week saw a wonderful example of the Pupil voice as the school voted for the new Head Boy and Head Girl.  These roles are supported by the roles of Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl.  Year 6 children put themselves forward for these roles and for other roles that Year 6 are asked to step up into.


Noah, Jacob and Hallam with Ella, Hannah, Charlotte and Freya stood the for the Head Boy and Girls spots.  They gave a speech to KS1 and to KS2 who then proceeded to vote for the ones they wanted to do the roles.  Jay and Maddie stood for the Deputies roles and also had to give a speech.


Everyone who saw these presentations would agree that the children were excellent in their preparation and presentation.  All the candidates and their families should be very proud of their efforts.  As Mrs Sanderson was so impressed with all those who took part she has created a new role in the school - Ambassadors.  As Ambassadors the children will represent the school in a variety of ways.


Here is the full list of roles:

Head Boy                      Jacob                                                    

Head Girl                       Charlotte                                                            

Deputy Head Boy          Jay                                                         

Deputy Head Girl           Maddie                                               

Ambassadors                Noah     Freya     Ella   Hannah   Hallam

House Captains                                                                                

St Bonaventure            Tia          Hallam                                 

St Guy                           Freya     Kaydon                                

St Yolanda                     Ruby      Kyle                                      

St Roch                          Emily     Bert                                                                         

School Council              Noah     Ella                        

Classroom                     Kohana   Hannah   Rory                                                 

Community and Sport   Lily   Ella   Joe                                                     

Worship                          Alex, Cory, Megan, Ian                                                       

Class Buddies       Yr R  Emma   Yr 1  Lewis     Yr 2  Sasha


Congratulations Year 6 - A great effort all round!