St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School

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Visit to the Law Courts by invitation of the High Sheriff

On Thursday morning 13 children represented St Thomas' when they visited the Law courts by kind invitation of the High Sheriff.  These visits can only happen 4 times a year as at all other times the courts are sitting.


The children were very excited that when they arrived at the building after walking to the event, they had to go through a metal detector on entry.  The children were then split into two groups - one group visited the two law courts and the other group visited the cells before the groups swapped over.  The children took the places in the two court rooms and the judicial process was explained for the children.  The children then also had an explanation of how the cells are used during the process.  It was a fascinating insight into the legal system and one that showed the children one aspect of the British Values that we explore through our curriculum.  The children then led an assembly to explain to the rest of the school what they had learnt.