St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School

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Science Week

During our first Science week the children were involved in a large number of whole school and class activities.  Thank you to Dr Foss who this year helped with the activities exploring the spread of disease.  Thank you also to Mrs Cruxon who with the Learning teams supported the exciting learning for the children.


Arthur and Jessica in Year 4 shared their experience of Science week:


School Science Week.


It was exciting when our teacher gave us some circuit parts.  We had to figure out how to make a light bulb work.  Another class made two volcanoes.  I like that Science Week was so creative.  The children had to make the volcanoes erupt. They did this by putting a mint into a coke bottle, then this sprayed into the air.  Another class tried to make an egg float.  They used trial and error using corn flour, sugar water, salty water.  They worked all of the together.  Half salty water and half water also worked.  See our blog on the Children's pages.