St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School

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Running Wild

My Day in Chichester Theatre:


I went to the theatre and I loved it.  There was an elephant called Oona.  She had three people to make her move like an animal.  It was an amazing experience and made me think about what I could do when I am older.


The tiger was also epic.  It was like he came out of nowhere, the way they moved him around.  The monkeys were awesome.  The best one was called Frankie Lampard!  His friends and he were funny.


Mrs Sanderson added:


The children, all 129 of them, behaved beautifully.  It was quite an adventure going on the Fastcat and then on a coach to the Festival Theatre.  There was even a fire alarm that we had to evacuate the Theatre for, to add to the excitement of the day.  The play was a wonderful portrayal of Michael Morpurgo's book.  It used puppetry in such a way that you forgot after a while that they were not real animals.


A wonderful experience - we will hope to repeat as soon as we are able to find a play suitable for the age group of our children.