St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School

Live, Love, Believe.

Inspiration Alley

Natasha Lambert

Today the school welcomed Natasha Lambert to school as part of the Inspiration Alley scheme.  Natasha shared with the children her story through the kind support of Sue Bailey.  Natasha has sailed around the Island single handed, sailed to Wales, Scotland  and to London!  As Natasha has cerebral palsy, she is not able to control the boat in the ways that are normally employed.  Instead she uses a sip and puff mechanism that her father devised.  Natasha showed videos and pictures of her sailing with the children.  She also shared with them her dreams and the next adventures she is planing including sailing across the Atlantic!  The children were enthralled by the presentation and seriously impressed by Natasha's achievements including her awards of the BEM ad a gold Blue Peter badge.

Thank you to Natasha and Sue for being with us today.  We look forward to you coming back to visit us.  For more information about Natasha please look at her website where she hares how her fundraising is supporting other children also being able to sail using the sip and puff system