St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School

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Home Learning Advice

It can be quite daunting thinking about how to support your child with home learning.  On the parent tab there is a really good guide from the Virtual School about how to plan this out.  There is a genuine difference between learning in the home than learning in a classroom.  Trying to replicate a whole school day would most likely end without positive learning happening for a sustained time.


Have a look at the ideas presented  in the guide.  A timetable for each day stuck up at child level also means that children who like routine, have a sense of what is happening.  Now and Next cards also support reluctant learners who if they know they are to do ten minutes of an activity and the next they will be doing 20 mins of a physical activity.  

There are plenty available on line or as a family you may like to make your own version and the children will have ownership of them also.

Examples of now and next are on the parent tab.


If you require further advice - I will as much as I am able, be available via the email address:


Above all remember to be gentle with yourself as the grown up and gentle with the children.  You are facing very unusual circunstances that you parents did not experience.  We are working through this new reality together.