St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School

Live, Love, Believe.

Arts Week Day Two

Today has seen St Thomas's being joined by two artists: Babs McGowan and Shaun Cuff aka the Constant Doodler.


Year 2 & Year 3 were hugely inspired by the amazing penmanship of Shaun who took the children on an adventure of a single controlled line of drawing and where this can take you.  Shaun said he felt that he would need to watch out as there were some possible new Doodlers in the making.  The children loved the workshops as you will see from the photos!


Year 5 worked with Babs who took the children on the journey of light and darkness. The children had the opportunity of observational sketching under Babs tutelage.  The children were also inspired by the actual art Babs brought to show the techniques they were practising.


Thank you to both artists who shared their time, art and enthusiasm with us.  We were very blessed to have that time with you.  

Reception Class explored through stories how we work together to be happy.

Year 5 and Year 3 have also completed their fence pencil painting - and it looks sharp!


What a busy day we have had!